Coronavirus Precautions

The library will re-open with restrictions on Monday, April 27th, 2020.

In accordance with health official guidelines, we are still practicing social distancing while maintaining our other activities:

  • The library is closed to the public.
  • You can call and request books, the library staff will be able to meet anyone at the East door to hand them books.
  • Computer services or fax services will be available by appointment only and only for a true need, not to surf the internet or be on social media. True needs include Job applications, checking email, printing important documents, paying online bills, completing Census information, etc.
  • However, only one person at a time and only if you have not traveled to the high risk countries or areas with COVID-19 cases and as long as you are not running fever or have other symptoms.
  • The reason we are doing this is to help with social distancing and to do our part flattening the curve.

Please contact us at 580-726-2535 or by email at to make your appointment.

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